Market Development

HK-China Corporation provides companies market development solutions for China and East Asia, helping them enter and grow business in these markets. We enable companies to leverage our on-ground resources and market expertise to facilitate market entry and accelerate revenue through direct sales and channel sales.

For companies that are already established in these local markets but require ad-hoc or ongoing sales & marketing assistance, we help them to engage new avenues of growth.

Turnkey Market Entry Solution

Our Turnkey Market Entry Solution is a low-risk, cost-effective, and practical solution that allows companies to enter China and accelerate revenue and market traction. It provides all of the benefits of your company's own dedicated sales office in China, without the costs or risks associated with setting up and operating a full-scale operation.

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How it works HK-China Corporation first works with your company to figure out the exact market development solution it needs, and then provides dedicated project management and human resources to start business development activities. A market development manager will be assigned to the client, and will work and communicate directly with the client on a weekly and daily basis.

Before market development actually starts, there is usually a 1-2 month market assessment and planning period (see stage 2 below).

HK-China Corporation will act as an extension of your company and will work with report directly back to your management or whoever is in charge of the initiative. We will also act as your interface to the Greater China market, which will save your company time and resources. All projects are supervised and advised by the HK-China Corporation senior management team on a weekly basis.


Partner Development

HK-China Corporation helps companies search, identify, evaluate,, and engage the optimal candidates for distribution, joint-venture, franchising, licensing, or joint development initiatives.

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HK-China Corporation helps companies search, identify, evaluate, and engage the optimal candidates for distribution, joint-venture, franchising, licensing, or joint development initiatives.

We utilize a multi-step methodology for identifying the most suitable partner candidates given pre-defined selection criteria. After we have determined the most ideal partner candidates, we will support your company the process of engaging the potential partner and deal negotiation.

Distribution Channels Channels of distribution are one of the key revenue generators for market entry and growth. Identifying and choosing the best distribution channels, backed by commercial due diligence, will insure that you do not get locked into a distribution contract with an partner that is incapable to deliver or not aligned with your organization's goals.

Joint Venture For organizations looking to facilitate market entry through forming a joint venture (JV) with a local partner, HK-China Corporation assists with the entire process, starting from JV partner search to commercial due diligence.

Franchising For companies that are looking to entire China through master franchising to multi-unit franchising, we help with the entire process of identifying and engaging qualified franchisees. We also offer deal negotiation support, during later stages of discussion.

Sales & Marketing Support

For companies needing ongoing or ad-hoc assistance in revenue and demand generation activities in China and Asia, HK-China Corporation provides sales and marketing support services as an extension to your staff and core team.

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Consistently generating sales and increasing demand generation is one major key element to success and growth, especially for Greater China. Whether your company is just entering the market and would like to test out your product or service to target customers, or if you've already established a business presence and would like support in areas of sales and marketing, our team of market development professionals has a customized support package to fit your needs. Lead Generation Generating qualified business prospects in China many times is not the easiest thing to do - especially if you do not have experienced in-house sales & marketing managers that have the functional know-how. HK-China Corporation acts as an extension of your existing sales team and helps cost-effectively generate leads and business prospects. Our in-house team of marketers have over 30+ years combined experience in demand generation, and use methods ranging from trade shows to internet marketing to get your company more prospects. Outsourced Sales Our outsourced sales service is for companies that are looking to enter China, or for companies that already have a local presence but are focusing on product development, manufacturing, or core activities outside of sales & marketing. We provide our clients dedicated human resources and project management resources - essentially helping run and manage the company's sales operation. Marketing Management Our marketing management service helps companies execute ad-hoc and ongoing campaigns to foster demand generation, brand recognition, and new sales prospects. Talk to us to learn more about what we can do for your company.

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