Market Consulting

In addition to providing solutions for China and Asia market entry and growth, we help companies to optimize their market strategies and sales and marketing performance. We also help companies understand the market dynamics and key factors of success through market research and assessment.

Market Development Consulting

We provide our clients highly effective and actionable market strategies that focus market entry & growth in China and East Asia.

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HK-China Corporation  focuses on creating strategies that generate bottomline results for our clients who want to enter or grow in the China market. Our core focus is sustainable business growth, revenue generation, and sales & marketing performance optimization.
Our consultants use a combination of extensive first hand experience as well as consulting best practices to help our clients plan and strategize practical and effective approaches to their business problems.
Our areas of expertise are as follows:

China Market
• Market Assessment
• Market Entry Strategy
• Market Growth Strategy
• Opportunity Identification
• Distribution Channel Strategy

• Customer Targeting
• Go-to-Market Strategy
• Sales Process Improvement
• Sales Training

• Marketing Mix
• Marketing Strategy & Transformation
• Product Launch
• Online Marketing Strategy

Brand Market Research

Ad-hoc or ongoing market research & intelligence services to help our client companies to understand key market dynamics.

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Our market research services provide clients a crystal-clear and insightful understanding of China market dynamics as relevant to their business. We use a combination of primary and secondary research as a synergy to to understand key market factors such as customers, competitors, industry, and opportunities.

Our China market research services include:
• Industry Research
• Consumer Research
• Customer Behavior
• Customer Satisfaction
• Customer Purchasing Habits
• Competitive Intelligence
• Competitive Benchmarking
• Opportunity Identification
• Lead and Client Profiling
• Corporate Image & Brand Equity
• Commercial Due Diligence
• Surveys and Interviews
• In-Depth Interviews (IDI)
• Strategy

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